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Why should we do this course?

When we talked about professional courses; it means huge amount of fees and candidate must have the highest marks in previous examination such as XIIth Class or above level. After that candidate got the eligibility to get register himself for selection process in such perticular course. And Manytimes it is happened; when after getting the good score; candidate failed to get the admission in the course due to non-clearance of the entrance exam or all seats allocated as per 1st come 1st serve policy and so on.

Due to which many tallented students dropped in getting the admission.

Those who got the opportunity; For their professional education many they go for educational loan as they belong to middle class or lower middle class segment who doesn’t have the capacity for paying higher fees.

Due to high competition in the market it is not easy for everyone to get the job. After spending huge amount on fees of professional courses they compromise with the salary at the time of getting the campus recruitment; as they also have to pay their educational loan EMI's.

That's why we decided to introduce a professional course where such candidates must get the admission; the course will also assist them in getting the job or to start their own business.

In business; we also assist them by providing the online platform as we know that in entire India digitalization is happening in most of the sectors; thats why it has become essential to come and join the digital platform. Use and implementation of technology makes the Real Estate Service Provider more skilled, smart, intelligent and presentable.

As India is in developing stage; and We also know that there is the huge requirement of infrastructural projects and real estate projects here.

Because of high population residentail and commercial demand will always keep going in the Indian market later or sooner.

All other sectors directly or indirectly are depending on this sector developing and providing the infrastrure requirement of them. We realize that; this sector has a great potential to grow and have ability to generate employment for masses.

Only we just need to reengineer the process of real estate service providing sector.

That’s what we try to do through this course; by organizing the content in sequential manner.

So that when a person starts doing his own real estate service provider business then; he must aware with the basic knowledge or hygiene of providing services in this sector.

Such people will improve the image of real estate sector across the country which attracts the more investments in this sector.

This course enables the candidate to start his own business with full confidence or he/she can get the job in real estate sector with good salary and incentives structure or they can also work as a freelancer with us. It means after completion the course your job is confirmed as you got the various opportunities to earn money.

After completion of the entire course; you can start working with from anywhere in the world and become a part of our family.

You need to get register with us under channel partner program by providing your Pan Card, Adhaar Card, GST number, Bank Details and signed Channel Partner agreement.

You can take the knowledge of all those projects which are marketed by our company from our website

You can judge the potential buyers surrounding you to sell them Indian Real Estate products.

You would be able to sell the real estate projects to your friends, colleagues, relatives and so on. You will have the enough potential to guide the interested one for buying, selling and renting the residential or commercial property.

By doing this you would able to earn handsome amount. It will help you out to fulfill your requirements.

Apart from this our company will also assist you in lead generation process to help you in case of not having any potential buyer.

If someone shows their interest after sharing the details of the projects.

You need to take him to the site for viewing purpose so that he should have the clarity on the location where is he/she investing.

Once the client is convinced then; he/she must fulfill the basic requirement of booking by providing his/her KYC documents and Cheque of booking amount.

Once he done the payment as per the payment plan mentioned in the booking form; you must mail us the proof of payment done by your client along with his/her bank statement.

With in 60 days of receiving the mail of payment proof your account will be credited with the agreed percentage.

This course will be enabled you to understand the basic terminology of this sector in easy language without using hard words or jargons.

You would be able to judge the potential builder’s project and potential buyers as well.

This will help you to earn handsome money in this sector.

It will give you fair idea about the Indian real estate industry.

You will get the online certification from

It is very easy to start

Open your web browser.


Create your profile.

Select the Real Estate E Learning course option.

Enter your academics and personal details.

Verify your contact details.

Go to payment gateway and make the payment.

At the same time you will get the credentials for your online learning course.

For any further assistance you can write us at

User Id & Password

Course will be available in the Mobile App that is why it is also called App based course. It is Available 24 by 7.

Course Support – Study material in the form of Text & presentation and also mail support during working hours.

You will get the access of the course upto 1 year.

Online and offline copy of Certificate valid for 1 year.

1 Year membership certificate from

1 Year Unlimited property posting letter from

1 Year Course membership.

Welcome letter from to start your business with us.

E Certifiaction of Course (Hard Copy)

Certification E Card & E Badge Level Wise.

Oath Certifiacte (Hard Copy & Soft Copy)

Franchise Business opportunity State wise/ Zone Wise. (Applicable only for those who cleared the Estate Agent Daimond Level)

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