Course Benifits

Minimum Qualification

  • For pursue this course you doesn’t required any special qualification.
  • With minimum qualification you can get the admission to peruse this course.

Maximum Flexibility - Online Course

  • You can do this course; even you are from any stream.
  • Even if you are pursuing other course still you can do this course without leaving your regular course or college.
  • We will not ask you to leave your existing one.
  • You just need to spend few hours on daily basis, and you will be certified as in any stream of Real Estate Consultant.
  • So guys why are you waiting for click here for registration.

Cost Effective

  • Dear friends we always believe in spreading awareness across the masses and for this works day and night. We know that spending huge money on professional course is not an easy task for anyone.
  • That’s why after taking the feedback from many people; we have made this course so cost effective; so that anyone can do it.
  • You even need not to go for a loan.

Professional - Course

Dear Friends;
Why we call this course; a professional course because; this course is created based on the actual real estate experience of more than 15 years spend in this sector by the author or creator of this course. Apart from this the author has an experience of teaching of more than 7 years. That’s why it was easy for him to observe and understand the problems faced by people.
The reason was all the knowledge which was used to perform these activities were in unsymmetrical order because of it; people got confused which led them in less productivity and demotivation on the job. After spending good time in this sector he realized all such things and designed the course as a professional course by keeping such points in his mind.

Online Training & Classes

Dear Friends;
You will get the access of the course 24 by 7; so that you can do the course as per your preferred time. And it has been possible because of Online Training and Classes. In your given schedule and timing you just need to complete the course. Online Self Evaluation Test
Once the course is completed; you just need to give the online test to achieve your certification. Spontaneous Results And after that you need not to wait for the results; you will get it with in a day.


  • Ups and Down are the part of the life. And many times it is seen that people got broken because of the crucial circumstances which they faced during their life and it derailed them from the track of their destiny. That is why it has become important to motivate the people around you so that they will get the power to fight against hard situation and run towards their goal.
  • What I feel that Motivation is an invisible power which always keeps the person on the path of his destination and attracts him towards it. So by keeping this point in the mind we wish to motivate our students and candidate by sharing the motivational stories in the form of Video/ Text/ Presentations/ Images to them. So that they always get motivated and reached their destiny.
  • Once you achieved your destiny or goal then you will become the motivation for others.

Learn & Earn Program

  • This professional course is based on the therapy of Learn and Earn Program. As this course enable you to earn once you complete the course.
  • Through our business platform which is you would be able to earn by start real estate service provider’s activities. These services you avail till one-year that is totally free of cost.

Multiple Options for Course

  • As real estate service provider segment is turning in to a sector because of its expanding role day by day. So it is not possible for any one to learn all the things of this sector.
  • That is why we divided the knowledge of this sector into segments; which makes the easy for the candidate to understand.
  • As a result you will get the multiple options in course.

Easy Language

Dear Friends
We tried to explain this course in very simple language. So that people can read and understand it easily.

Course Analytics

Dear Friends
You will get the facility to access your dashboard where you would be able to view your performance in the course.
Total time you must spend in the course?
How much time you spend in the course?
How much time is due for the course?
Topics you covered?
Topics you need to be cover?
And so on….

Course Support

You will get the support with related to the course once you got the admission. You just need to write us on


More then hundreds of professionals are working with us. These people are dedicatedly planting their efforts day and night to take the online transmission of education at next level.

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